Remote monitoring system now accepts real time speed feedback from a variety of sensor types, offers continuous monitoring through event based data acquisition mode and includes a wired Ethernet communication option.

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OnSite-New-Features-web-500x333Gurnee, Illinois - November 21, 2019 - The Dynapar OnSite™ condition monitoring system’s latest upgrades offer users more flexibility, compatibility, and adaptability to help successfully anticipate breakdowns and plan maintenance schedules accordingly. The OnSite system was designed to track machine condition and combine high-quality vibration data with ease of use and scalability. More than just an alarm, the OnSite system provides cost-effective vibration analysis tools to keep your machines’ rotating assets operating at full capacity. This powerful, cloud-based tool allows users the capability to be proactive, rather than reactive, by providing 24/7 remote condition monitoring.

Users asked that the OnSite condition monitoring system have the option to monitor real-time data continuously and adapt to their quickly changing applications. In response, Dynapar developed event-based data acquisition technology. This new feature allows users to configure the OnSite system with application-specific triggers or thresholds. The OnSite system continuously listens for vibrations, temperatures, or speed events once per minute. When a threshold is met or exceeded, the system will respond by sending data to the cloud where it is compared to user created alarm levels. If an alarm conditions are reached, the systems notifies users via email or SMS message.

To provide more flexible connection options, especially for applications where wireless connections may not be an option, the Dynapar OnSite™ system is now capable of transmitting condition monitoring data from the user’s machine to its cloud-based portal by wired Ethernet. A wired network also provides security, convenience, and reliability through physically connecting the OnSite system to the network. Dynapar also offers users data communication via wireless networks options such as Wi-Fi and cellular.

The OnSite system measures vibration and temperature using four vibration sensors. It can also connect to any quadrature encoder, integrating speed to provide real-time running conditions and RPM data for vibration analysis of rotating assets. Based on popular demand, the OnSite system is now compatible with a variety of speed input devices such as laser tachs and proximity switches, in addition to standard quadrature encoders. These external devices are used to capture speed, which is integrated with vibration and temperature data to provide the most accurate depiction of the machine’s condition.

Vibration data can now be displayed in Velocity Root Means Square (VRMS) in addition to acceleration, allowing users to set categories of alarms based on the ISO 10816 Vibration Severity Standard. This feature provides users guidance for quickly creating alarms for rotating assets.

Additional upgrades include improved alarm configuration options. New configurations consist of compound alarms and tiered notifications for vibration, speed, and temperature conditions. Users of the OnSite system are now able to configure custom alarm templates that can be copied and pasted to other assets.

Traditionally, only the more critical assets, such as turbines and large generators, received 24/7 condition monitoring.  However, rotating assets such as motors, pumps, and fans are what keep cooling towers, air handlers, blowers, conveyors, overhead cranes, and other machinery in business. Each asset must be in pristine condition to keep the whole operation running smoothly. No matter the size or function, if these assets fail unexpectedly, they can potentially stop production. The Dynapar OnSiteTM system enables organizations to monitor virtually any asset of interest, avoiding unscheduled downtime with remote condition monitoring.

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Download this press release as a word document here

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