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NorthStar Encoders and Motor Tachs

For the toughest environments, call on NorthStar heavy-duty encoders. Formerly known as Lakeshore Encoders, NorthStar manufactures innovative and reliable products for measuring speed and position in extreme manufacturing environments. These heavy-duty, mill-duty magneto-resistive incremental encoders; compact and washdown resistant, harsh-duty optical incremental encoders; and pulse tachs are designed to provide rugged, high-performance signals in the harshest situations. When you need high-performance in less than optimal conditions, count on the long-recognized reliability of NorthStar.

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Industry Applications

About Industry - Steel MillsSteel Mills - RIM Tach® 8500 NexGen Encoder

Compact and bearingless, the RIM8500 NexGen mounts to any 180 C Face motor. The Stainless steel and cast iron construction make it a perfect fit for the harsh conditions in a steel mill. Sensor modules are removable on the fly allowing for quick replacement and require no gapping.

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About Industry - Oil & GasOil & Gas - HSD37 Harsh Duty Optical Encoder

For the corrosive oil and gas environment, our encoders offer to oilfield equipment manufacturers and end users enhanced sealing, industry certifications and an overall improved solution.

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