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Hengstler Encoders

Hengstler offers powerful motor feedback encoders for demanding applications and for use on brushless servo and stepper motors. With Acuro drive technology, dynamic servo drives have become fully digital for the first time. Harsh operating conditions, such as those found in a motor housing, are mastered in a reliable way.

Hengstler is more than just a brand. The history of Hengstler actually dates back over more than 150 years. At the beginning in 1846, the clock-maker Johannes Hengstler started the series production of gongs in the town of Aldingen, Germany. In the course of the following decades the foundation was laid for the comprehensive experience Hengstler has today with the production of counters, printers, cutters, relays and encoders. Hengstler was acquired by Dynapar in 1995. Find more info at

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