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Hollow-Shaft Encoders

Dynapar offers both incremental and absolute hollow-shaft encoders in a variety of sizes and resolutions. Hollow-shaft encoders can be directly mounted to a motor shaft and affixed using a flexible tether or torque arm to prevent the encoder from rotating. Hollow-shaft encoders are easier to install than shafted encoders, eliminating the need for a coupling and do not require motor shaft alignment with respect to the encoder.

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Hollow-Shaft Encoders

Incremental Hollow-Shaft Encoders

Dynapar offers a wide range of hollow-shaft incremental encoders with bore sizes of 0.25 to 2.875 inches and resolution up to...

Absolute Hollow-Shaft Encoders

See all hollow-shaft absolute encoders for mounting directly to a motor shaft. Up to 22 bit single and 12 bit multi-turn avai...