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The Dynapar brand is the name to remember for light duty, industrial duty and high performance absolute rotary encoders and incremental encoders. For half a century, Dynapar has been supplying these high-quality products for commercial and industrial applications. With an unmatched reliability, these optical absolute encoders, optical incremental encoders, motor mount encoders and explosion proof encoders are used in everything from vector motors to office equipment. 

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Industry Applications


About Industry - Vector MotorVector Motor - HS35R Sealed Hollowshaft Encoder

Unique and different are two words to describe the HS35R and what makes it different from any other vector motor encoder. Larger mechanically held bearings, and dual v seals all add up to a longer life in any vector motor application. 

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About Industry - MedicalAI25 Absolute Encoder

Precise positioning and onboard diagnostics make the AI25 absolute encoder an ideal fit for your medical imaging application. Single turn and multi turn capabilities allow for the critical feedback required in medical imaging devices.

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