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Encoders For Vector Motor

Modern Industry is driven by various electric motor types including AC, DC and permanent magnet (PM) motors. Many motors are used in general purpose applications where precise control is not critical and do not require encoders. However, many motor applications do require precise speed, torque or position regulation which requires an encoder for feedback.

Demanding “systems” applications like process industries (paper, steel, textile, film etc), material handling (cranes, hoists, conveyors etc), precise positioning (medical tables, metal cutting, and elevator) and other industries like Oil & Gas and Energy require the use of closed loop Vector Motors.

By incorporating encoders, Vector Motors provide precise speed, torque and position control over a much wider speed range thereby maximizing the performance of the motor. Typically mounted on the non-drive end of the motor on either a simple stub shaft, NEMA C-face flange or coupled to the shaft, the encoders come in a wide variety of styles, materials and resolutions to accommodate any motor design and customer application.

Originally founded as Lakeshore, NorthStar brand encoders earned recognition as a “pioneer” in delivering innovative and extremely reliable encoder feedback solutions to the AC, DC and PM Vector Motor market. Pre-engineered designs to fit standard NEMA flanges of 4.5”, 8.5” and 12.5” bring precision, efficiency, and reliability to these mission-critical applications.

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Recommended Solutions

Unique and different are two words to describe the HS35R and what makes it different from any other vector motor encoder. Larger mechanically held bearings, and dual v seals all add up to a longer life in any vector motor application.


HSD35-Optiical-encoder-try-dynaparHSD35 Heavy Duty Optical Encoder

The HSD35 incorporates the same design as the HS35R, but with a couple of key differences for specific vector motor applications in mill environments. The HSD35 design includes a latching field serviceable connector, stainless steel shaft hub and dual split clamp make this encoder stand up to tough vector motor environments.

RIM8500-try-dynaparRIM Tach® 8500 NexGen Encoder

RIM Tach 8500® NexGen Encoder featuring a new sensor providing up to 0.075" of Air Gap, Over 50% More Than Competitive Models. Expanded Resolution up to 2048 (4096 Coming Soon)