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ethernet-encodersThe AI25 EtherNet/IP absolute encoder is rugged and reliable with an available durable stainless-steel housing, wide input voltage and temperature ranges, industry-leading 400G shock and 30G vibration ratings, and high shaft speeds. The single-turn and multi-turn models are available with up to 22 bit single-turn and 12 bit multi-turn resolution and high accuracy within a full suite of shafted and hub shaft variants.

Dynapar, a leading supplier of encoders and resolvers for motion feedback control, announces the launch of its AI25 EtherNet/IP absolute encoder product line. Dynapar EtherNet/IP encoders offer rugged and reliable performance combined with industry leading performance, high resolution and repeatability and the latest network features all at a competitive price point.

Dynapar offers the latest advanced features in a robust package design. The Device Level Ring (DLR) feature provides network fault tolerance. Other critical functions such as Address Conflict Detection (ACD) and RPI (Request Packet Interval) speeds of up to 1ms combine to ensure network speed and reliability is optimized to maximize operational uptime. The encoder has been certified by the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association (ODVA) for conformance.

The AI25 EtherNet/IP encoder supports a wide range of configuration options, making it the solution for position and speed feedback applications in a variety of industries including packaging, material handling, printing and paper machinery, metal cutting and forming, wood processing and general factory automation. Optional shaft seals and IP67 ratings are available for increased protection.

“Dynapar’s rugged EtherNet/IP products enable OEMs, System Integrators and End Users to transition their traditional industrial networks into robust future proof networks without compromising performance for reliability.” Said Jamar Daniels, product manager. “Our product line delivers high performance, network redundancy, and flexible network control to support the critical needs within factory automation”

This AI25 EtherNet/IP, along with the AI25 ProfiNet and AI25 EtherCAT encoders, are the latest additions to the AI25 family of robust absolute encoders designed for use with the latest industrial network protocols.

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