Miniature Encoders

Dynapar offers miniature rotary encoders and commutation encoders with diameters less than 2 inch for feedback applications in tight spaces. Several super-compact modular encoders for small servo and stepper motor feedback are also available designed to replace size 10, 11, 15 resolvers in motor applications. Models with h phased array sensor technology allows for axial shaft play and provide high performance encoder feedback in high shock or vibration environments. Dynapar also offers miniature encoders designed with wide operating temperature ranges and various PPRs up to 5,000 PPR and commutation track or pole options.
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View All Incremental Miniature Encoders

Incremental Miniature Encoders

Miniature incremental rotary encoders provide a specific number of pulses per resolution (PPR) for speed, direction and relative position.

View All Absolute Miniature Encoders

Absolute Miniature Encoders

Miniature absolute encoders measure actual position and will retain correct position even if power fails without homing at startup.

Featured Miniature Encoders

E9 Micro Rotary Encoder

E9 Micro Rotary Encoder

0.9" micro rotary encoder, hub-shaft incremental encoder for servo, stepper and on axis applications with low power standby mode. 100-512 PPR.

M9 Micro Rotary Encoder

M9 Micro Rotary Encoder

0.9" micro rotary encoder, hub-shaft incremental encoder with max operating speed of 12,000 RPM and integrated ASIC. 100-512 PPR.

E14 Miniature Rotary Encoder

E14 Miniature Rotary Encoder

Miniature encoder offers ABZ output options with <2.0" size options and differential line driver available. 100-2,540 PPR.

AC36 Miniature Absolute Encoder

AC36 Miniature Absolute Encoder

Compact 38mm diameter miniature absolute encoder with wide -15 to 100 C temperature range. 6mm shaft or 8mm hubshaft. Up to 22 bit ST and 12 bit MT.

AD36 Miniature Absolute Encoder

AD36 Miniature Servo Encoder

Compact size 15 or 38mm diameter miniature absolute encoder. SSI, BiSS, SSI Gray options. Up to 22 bit ST and 12 bit MT resolution.

Featured Commutation Encoders for Servo Motors

F10 Miniature Commutation Encoder

F10 Miniature Servo Encoder

Ultra small size 10 hollow-shaft incremental encoder with up to 120°C temperature range. Max 2,048 PPR with commutation encoder tracks available.

M15 Commutation Encoder

M15 Miniature Rotary Encoder

Compact 1.5" diameter modular incremental encoder with phased array sensor allowing 0.03" axial play. Max 1,024 PPR with commutation encoder tracks.