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Benefits of Reliably Routing an Encoder's Signal to Multiple Devices Using a Signal Splitter

  • Date: 02/20/2018

Watch Dynapar's video to learn the benefits of reliably routing an encoder's signal to multiple devices using a Signal Splitter.

Products Featured in this Video:


  • Phased Array Sensor for Reliable Signal Output
  • Rugged Design Withstands up to 400g Shock and 20g Vibration
  • Unbreakable Code Disc up to 5000 PPR for Harsh Applications
  • Improved Seal Design for Increased Moisture Resistance
  • Dual Output with Isolated Electronics Option Available for Redundancy in Mission-critical Applications

Signal Splitter:

  • Compatible with most Incremental Encoders for convenient set up
  • Routes Signals to Multiple Locations, Repeats, and Multiplies to combat any long distance or electrical compatibility issues
  • Available with Two Independent, Isolated 5-26V Line Driver Outputs, eliminating the cost and time required to install/maintain two separate encoders