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Dynapar Launches New Programmable Encoder, HS35iQ with PulseIQ™ Technology, Providing Troubleshooting Intelligence and Downtime Prevention via Specific Fault Alerts



Dynapar today announced the launch of the HS35iQ Encoder with PulseIQ™ Technology, a new programmable hollow shaft encoder. The HS35iQ Encoder with PulseIQ™ Technology is a self-diagnosing feedback device with color-coded LEDs and digital output. This device offers a new way for OEM and end-users in heavy-duty machine applications to troubleshoot faulty encoders with access to encoder health status in real-time. Specific fault indications prevent unnecessary downtime and recommended corrective action help users confidently address the root cause in as few steps as possible.



The HS35iQ Encoder with PulseIQ™ Technology helps eliminate unnecessary troubleshooting by providing:

  • Environmental Specs: IP67, 400g Shock, 20g Vibration, Standard Temp and Operating Performance 
  • Fault forewarning including coupling slip, overspeed, cable fault, over/under temp and encoder health
  • Configuration of fault conditions for overspeed and temperature warnings/errors
  • Fault event log accessible via PulseIQ™ Encoder Software
  • Programmable resolution (max 20,000 PPR), selectable output phase, voltage, index width, gating and index pulse location


Patented technology indicates when the mechanical coupling is improperly secured, or the shaft and bore size do not match. Coupling failure due to slippage between the motor shaft and encoder can cause troublesome encoder downtime. Encoder overspeed alerts help protect machinery and personnel from unsafe operating conditions. When the mechanical coupling is loose, or the shaft has reached critical speeds, the associated fault indicators change to reflect fault status prior to failure. Life cycle data and fault status are always available via onboard memory and viewed within the PulseIQ™ Encoder Software.

Customize encoder specifications to accommodate a variety of applications. PulseIQ™ Software provides users the option to configure the following encoder specifications: Resolution (allowing 1-20,000 Pulses Per Revolution or PPR), Phase Direction, ABZ/Fault Output Voltage, Z Index Pulse Polarity, Position, and Gating. Programmability features also include the configuration of environmental and fault specifications and an event log. Stock multiple programming options under a single part number, simplifying encoder inventory.

Costs associated with encoder or cable replacement, troubleshooting, and material loss add up quickly. Eliminate wasted resources and guesswork. The NEW Dynapar HS35iQ Encoder with PulseiQ™ Technology helps users jump directly to the root cause of a downed system, saving hours of non-value-added costs.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

"Our line produces 40,000-50,000- linear feet of product daily. If it goes down for an hour, it costs us thousands. Being able to quickly find the problem, without useless troubleshooting, saves us a huge amount of time and money." - Maintenance Engineer, Major Midwest Metal Products Company

For more information, visit HS35iQ Encoder with PulseiQ™ Technology | Dynapar

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