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Field Proven Encoders Now with Ethernet Protocols

AI25 EtherNet/IP encoders along with the AI25 PROFINET and AI25 EtherCAT encoders are the latest additions to the AI25 family of robust absolute encoders designed for use with the latest industrial network protocols. With over 100,000 units sold globally, the AI25 is a proven absolute encoder platform. Our latest ethernet encoders build on this history of reliability with the latest features and performance you expect for your machine.



Encoders with Ethernet Communication Protocols

What Makes Dynapar Ethernet Encoders Different?


Specify Confidently in Any Application

Even if your application is not in the middle of a paper mill, have peace of mind in your selection by choosing encoders that are built to survive.

  • Industry leading 400G shock and 30G vibration rating
  • IP67 protection class options
  • Stainless steel housing options
heavy duty ethernet encoders

Bring Out the Best in Your System with High Performance Encoder Feedback

High Accuracy, Resolution, and Repeatability. One without the other can reduce system performance Dynapar’s encoders are built to deliver high performance.

  • Resolution up to 22 bit single-turn with 12 bit multi-turn options
  • Absolute accuracy +/- 35" or 0.01 degrees
  • Repeatability +/- 10" or 0.003 degrees
precise ethernet encoders

No Hassle, Easy to Use and Backed by Dynapar’s Support

Don’t compromise in your selection. Specify the exact feedback solution your application requires and consult our experts if you are looking for a custom solution.

  • Customizable resolutions to meet specific application needs
  • Wide selection of shafted & hub shaft options in metric and imperial sizes
  • Helpful documentation and technical support available via phone
Dynapar support team