Dynapar OnSite™ Vibration Analysis Tools

The Dynapar OnSite™ System is designed with both maintenance professionals and certified vibration analysts in mind. Easy-to-use visual tools allow a quick high-level view of multiple assets and help identify areas of potential concern. When an issue is identified, powerful analysis tools allow users to deep dive and remotely diagnose problems. Together, the system provides users the tools to confidently answer the questions “how bad is it?” and “when should I act?”

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Analyze and Trend Data with Powerful Tools

The OnSite system is designed to help users quickly diagnose troubled assets and continually monitor changing conditions. While increased levels of vibration may indicate early problems, additional analysis can determine the cause of the problem such as mass imbalance, shaft misalignment or bearing wear. The OnSite system provides:

  • Overall Dashboard
  • RMS Trend View
  • FFT Plot with Sideband and Harmonic Cursors
  • Waterfall Plots
  • Time Waveform with Measurement Cursors




View Running Speed to Diagnose Variable Speed Applications

Knowing real time running speed is critical to correctly diagnose noise from misalignment or imbalance. With optional encoder input, the OnSite system integrates reliable speed data with vibration data to help experts identify fundamental running speed frequencies and their harmonics. Combined with useful tools such as sideband cursors used to confirm bearing fault and gearmesh frequencies, and harmonic cursors to confirm fundamental frequencies and their harmonics, vibration issues can be easily identified and problems can be correctly diagnosed remotely.




Customizable Alarms

Customized alarms can be set based on user established thresholds of multiple criteria. These include simple alarms set based on overall RMS value as well as advanced alarms based on changes in harmonics beyond the amplitude threshold or alarms based on dynamic FFT orders tracking (if using optional encoder speed input). Alarms can be sent via email or text message and provide timely notification of changing conditions.

  • Overall RMS Value
  • Time Waveform pk-pk range
  • FFT Buckets
  • Dynamic FFT Orders
  • Running Speed
  • Temperature Changes
  • Event-based triggers
  • Button Push (when edge data read button is pushed)
  • Missed Post Alarms (data not captured as scheduled)






Take Real Time Data on Demand

In addition to scheduled data posting and event-based triggers, users can remotely take data from the OnSite sensors via the cloud portal. This is ideal for monitoring a rapidly changing condition or confirming an adjustment made to the asset fixed a vibration issue (e.g. tightening of a belt). This is also useful for vibration analysts located off-site to remotely take live data and confirm a fix has been made.

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Share, Collaborate and Act on Data

In today’s world of tight production deadlines and aggressive on-time delivery expectations, a facility needs to act quickly to avoid unplanned downtime. Therefore, the OnSite system is designed to allow users to quickly collaborate, share data and provide real-time diagnosis from anywhere. Feature such as one-click screen sharing, data exporting, dedicated access levels combined with powerful analysis tools provide users the ability to act quickly, from any device.


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What our customers are saying:

Customer-quote-bubble“The bearing didn't go into catastrophic failure. The customer didn't have to shut down the plant in the middle of the day. The vibration data from the OnSite system helped us find and diagnose the problem early.”

- Predictive Maintenance Manager, Working with a Major US Food Manufacturer

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