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Frustrated with Downtime and No Ability to Troubleshoot?

Introducing the HS35iQ Hollow-Shaft Encoder with PulseIQ™ Technology.

Introducing the HS35iQ Encoder with PulseIQ™ Technology. Minimize troubleshooting efforts so you can get back up and running faster. Get visual indication of encoder health through fault lights and digital output. This solution can specifically indicate common issues with recommended corrective action to help fix the root cause and avoid repeat downtime.

Ready to Change How You Troubleshoot?

HS35iQ Hollow-Shaft Encoder with PulseIQTM Technology Downloadable Resources

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Work Smarter, Not Harder, with PulseIQTM Technology

Access technical information about the HS35iQ encoder through the datasheet. You can learn about key features, specifications, and how to build a part number. The datasheet also contains a list of compatible accessories, electrical information, and helpful diagrams.

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HS35iQ Encoder With PulseIQTM Technology

Quickly learn about the benefits of the HS35iQ encoder. This product brochure outlines the current encoder troubleshooting workflow and how the HS35iQ encoder revolutionizes it. It also discusses our PulseIQTM software and some key features.

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3D Model At Your Fingertips

Interact with and then download a 3D model of the HS35iQ encoder. You can use these models in your project to see if the encoder will fit your application.  

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PulseIQTM Technology Software Manual 

This manual thoroughly describes PulseIQTM Technology and its capabilities. It outlines the required system specifications and some troubleshooting tips and tricks. You can also find the software agreement at the end of the manual.

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Download The PulseIQTM Software Today

The PulseIQTM Technology software is used in tandem with the HS35iQ encoder. This software allows users to quickly monitor and detect faults in real time. While there are system requirements to run this software, most standard laptops will meet them.

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HS35iQ Encoder Installation Manual

The installation manual is meant to assist in the proper installation of PulseIQ™ Technology series HS35iQ hollowshaft encoders. Reference this guide whenever handling the encoder.

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Revolutionize Your Trouble-shooting Workflow

When a machine is down, checking the encoder is a standard part of many industrial trouble-shooting workflows. However, without an oscilloscope, they can be black boxes that take time to diagnose, leading to wasted effort or needless replacement. The HS35iQ Encoder with PulseIQ™ Technology transforms this workflow by providing specific fault indication, allowing you to rule out the encoder or correct the root cause immediately.


Problems with the current encoder trouble-shooting workflow:

  • Encoder output is difficult to visualize and tough to effectively trouble-shoot without an oscilloscope.
  • Lack of visual indication that a fault has been resolved until the machine runs.
  • No way to catch temporary faults, trouble-shoot momentary hiccups, indicative of larger problems. 
  • Adjustments can often temporarily fix the issue but not the root cause, leading to repeat failures. 
  • Predetermined output specifications lead to additional stocking requirements for similar encoders.

Solution: HS35iQ Hollow-Shaft Encoder with PulseIQ™ Technology

Until now, standard hollow-shaft encoders do not indicate root cause of a fault leading to repeat failures, unexpected downtime and needless replacement. The HS35iQ encoder with PulseIQ™ Technology revolutionizes trouble-shooting by detecting specific faults and providing visual fault indication.

Benefits of the HS35iQ Encoder with PulseIQTM Technology

Get Specific Fault Indication

See exactly what is at fault so you can find the root cause with confidence. No more guessing or replacing, only to have the problem occur again.

  • Insufficient Voltage: Sense supply voltage changes and low voltage conditions that are otherwise difficult to detect.
  • Cable Integrity: For 7272 differential line driver options, catch encoder cable faults (opens/shorts) such as cable breaks or loose conductors.
  • Shaft Slip: Detect clamping collar slip between the shaft and encoder physical connection before coupling failure. 
  • Overspeed: Detect shaft speed exceeding a predetermined limit.
  • Electronic Failure: Continuously monitor electronics which may result in irregular pulse output.
  • Over-Temperature: Measure ambient temperature to indicate operating condition changes early.

See product datasheet to learn more about fault conditions, fault LED operation, and potential corrective actions.


No More Guess Work with Recent Fault History

The HS35iQ encoder is an industry first to offer smart diagnostics with storage of recent faults. Connect a PC via dedicated USB fault output. Use PulseIQ Encoder Software to access:

  • Recent events by time stamp and a description of specific faults triggered. 
  • Device info, including model number, build date, and runtime.
  • Current encoder configuration including resolution, index pulse position/gating, and output phasing.


See product software manual section "PulseIQ™ Encoder Software Screens and Functionality" section 3, Event Log for more information


Program to Match Your Needs

PulseIQ™ Technology allows the option to customize encoder specifications to meet your needs. Adjust encoder resolution, phase, index pulse output, and more with PulseIQ™ Encoder Software. Simplify and consolidate inventory by stocking fewer encoder part numbers with programmable output.

  • Programmable resolution up to 20,000 PPR (pulses per revolution)
  • Set output phase direction A leads B from encoder clockwise or counter-clockwise
  • Specify output voltage to TTL or HTL
  • Determine Home Index (Z Pulse) position and gating and edit to current position via software
  • See ordering information in datasheet for a full list of programmable features
Please note, programmable functionality is optional and dependent on part number ordered. Please see product datasheet for more details.

Easily Mount to Any Shaft

Hollow-shaft encoders can directly mount to motors or driven shafts without the need for couplings, flowerpots, or matching flanges, eliminating additional components and points of failure.

The HS35iQ encoder offers comparable mounting options to our existing HS35R hollow-shaft encoder. Simply match the bore size to the desired motor or driven shaft size and install the encoder via a single-point rod tether or slotted flexible tether. Use the included nylon washers to help protect the encoder from motor shaft currents.

See our installation manual to learn more about proper hollow-shaft encoder installation techniques.


See How A Major Steel Producer Saved $34,380 Per Downtime Occurrence with PulseIQ™ Technology

A major steel finishing mill with multiple lines and dozens of encoders was seeking ways to improve their time to recovery when downtime inevitably occurred. Discover how specific fault indication and visual troubleshooting transformed the customer's troubleshooting workflow and saved $34,380 per occurrence of unscheduled downtime.

“The encoder isn’t always the problem, but we need to check it every time.” 
-Electrical Engineer, Steel Industry Customer

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Learn More About the Smart Detection Features of the HS35iQ Encoder

Available White Papers

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How to Connect HS35iQ Encoder Fault Output to a PLC

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HS35iQ Encoder Initial Device and Fault Monitoring Setup
Learn how to set up your HS35iQ encoder and how to begin monitoring faults. Before downloading the HS35iQ software, check the system requirements.

Video Library



How to Program Encoder Output on the HS35iQ Encoder

Learn how to program encoder output on the HS35iQ encoder in this tutorial video.



How to Save and Load Encoder Settings to Another HS35iQ Encoder

Learn how to Save and Load Configurations on the HS35iQ encoder in this tutorial video.

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Part Number
Part Number & Specs
5/8" Bore Size; Programmable Resolution up to 20,000 PPR; 4.5" C-Face Tether Kit; Differential ABZ (7272); 10 pin MS Connector
1" Bore Size; Programmable Resolution up to 20,000 PPR; 4.5" C-Face Tether Kit; Differential ABZ (7272); 10 pin MS Connector
5/8" Bore Size; Programmable Resolution up to 20,000 PPR; Slotted Tether Kit; Differential ABZ (7272); 10 pin MS Connector
1" Bore Size; Programmable Resolution up to 20,000 PPR; Slotted Tether Kit; Differential ABZ (7272); 10 pin MS Connector