Frustrated with Downtime and No Ability to Troubleshoot?

Introducing the HS35iQ Hollow-Shaft Encoder with PulseIQ™ Technology. It Provides Specific Fault Indication so You Can Find Root Cause.

Introducing the HS35iQ Encoder with PulseIQ™ Technology. Minimize troubleshooting efforts so you can get back up and running faster. Get visual indication of encoder health through fault lights and digital output. This solution can specifically indicate common issues with recommended corrective action to help fix the root cause and avoid repeat downtime.



Work Smarter, Not Harder, with PulseIQ™ Technology

Go from unscheduled downtime without the ability to get to root cause resulting in repeated failures to efficiently recovering from downtime with immediate notification of faults and specific fault detail for root cause correction.

  • Save time commissioning encoder and quickly find and fix faults. 
  • Visual indicators allow operators to see proper encoder function
  • Embedded monitoring with early indication allows you to plan ahead 
  • No need to run encoder, onboard memory saves fault status for quick troubleshooting 


Get Specific Fault Indication

See exactly what is at fault so you can find root cause with confidence. No more guessing or replacing only to have the problem occur again.

  • Insufficient Voltage: Sense supply voltage changes and low voltage
    conditions that are otherwise difficult to detect.
  • Cable Integrity: Catch encoder cable ‘open’ faults such as cable breaks or loose conductors.
  • Shaft Slip: Detect clamping collar slip, between the shaft and encoder physical connection, prior to coupling failure.
  • Overspeed: Detect shaft speed exceeding predetermined limit.
  • Electronic Failure: Continuously monitor electronics which may result in irregular pulse output.
  • Over-Temperature: Measure ambient temperature to provide
    early indication of operating condition changes.

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Program to Match Your Needs

PulseIQ™ Technology allows the option to customize encoder specifications to meet your needs. Adjust encoder resolution, phase, index pulse output and more. Simplify and consolidate inventory by stocking fewer encoder part numbers with programmable output.

  • Programmable resolution up to 20,000 PPR (pulses per revolution)
  • Set output phase direction A leads B from encoder clockwise or counter-clockwise
  • Specify output voltage to TTL or HTL 
  • Determine Home Index (Z Pulse) position and gating and edit to current position via software
  • See ordering information in datasheet for a full list of programmable features

Please note, programmable functionality is optional and dependent on part number decode selection. Please see product datasheet for more details.

Troubleshoot Quickly with Visuals

No more trial and error. Quickly review fault conditions and diagnostic data without wasting time.

Visual indication of fault condition is provided by 4 fault status LEDs. Additional details and fault history can be viewed by connecting to the diagnostics port via USB cable and opening PulseIQ™ Encoder Software. Digital fault output is also provided via a dedicated output signal, which can be connected to a PLC. See an example of fault output connected to a PLC here.

Fault Condition LED
Over-temperature LED pulses
white when fault is disabled
LED pulses green during normal operation  LED pulses
during fault
LED "flickers" (rapidly flashes) blue for 30 minutes after fault is corrected or cleared. Event logged in onboard memory. LED pulses orange for warning conditions for over-temperature and encoder health.
Cable Integrity 
Encoder Internal Health

Please see product datasheet for detailed information on fault conditions and operation.

HS35S-1000x420-header-troubleshootStart Troubleshooting Intelligently Today with Specific Fault Indication

Discover the HS35iQ Encoder with PulseIQ™ Technology and see exactly what is at fault so you can troubleshoot with confidence. Please fill out the form to request a quote and a consultation to determine if the right solution for your feedback needs by our engineers today.

What our customers are saying:

"Our line produces 40,000-50,000- linear feet of product a day. If it goes down for an hour, it costs us thousands. Being able to quickly find the problem, without useless troubleshooting, saves us a huge amount of time and money."

- Maintenance Engineer, Major Midwest Metal Products Company

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