Dynapar Showcasing Heavy Duty Encoders at this Year’s AISTech Conference

April 4, 2012 - Dynapar is excited to be present at this year’s 2012 AISTech Conference, May 7-10, in Atlanta,Georgia, Booth #1442.
Dynapar will proudly feature its line of NorthStar RIM Tach and SLIM Tach NexGen heavy duty encoders, spotlighting the new ST56 NexGen slated to launch Q4 2012. The NexGen products deliver superior ease-of-installation and robust, rugged designs demanded by customers for tough vector-motor applications.

NorthStar, a Dynapar brand, is a recognized brand and international leader in magneto-resistive technology and mill-duty industrial applications. For more than 30 years, NorthStar has specialized in meeting the needs of the industrial community with a proven and time tested line of heavy-duty magneto-resistive incremental encoders and pulse tachs.

The NorthStar SLIM Tach ST56 NexGen’s magnetic bearingless design is ideal for harsh environments in tight machine configurations for Steel, Paper and Pulp, and Heavy Duty Vector Motor Feedback applications. The ST56 NexGen features:
  • Large air gap for improved encoder reliability
  • Bearingless design for versatile mounting to 56 and 140 C-face motors;
  • Compact design of 3/4” profile and 9.8” height for space restricted applications.
Dynapar’s NorthStar RIM Tach 8500, 6200 and 1250 NexGen will also be on display. The NorthStar RIM Tach NexGen line of encoders provide precise, reliable position and velocity feedback from electric motors in heavy duty environments. The new NexGen designs continue the RIM Tach tradition with stainless steel sensor modules and ductile cast iron housings. The sensor modules use a new rugged magnetic technology that delivers a 70 thousandths air gap, the largest sensing gap in the industry. For ease-of-installation, the new RIM Tachs are designed with a generous axial play of up to 0.50 inches and does not require any precision tools or measurements. The encoders also come with a convenient diagnostic LED to provide visual status of encoder functionality.

AISTech 2012 features international technologies from the world over, allowing steel producers to compete in today's global market. AISTech is the perfect platform for Dynapar to showcase their specially designed rugged encoders for the Steel industry. Steel mills have some of the harshest conditions of any industry, so they need feedback products that can handle tough environments.

NorthStar heavy-duty encoders, as well as Dynapar absolute encoders, can be found operating in length positioning and speed tensioning applications within the casting and finishing process modes of steel manufacture, specifically controlling and monitoring swing bucket position. The swing bucket pours molten steel into casting forms before returning to home position to refill again, whereby machine operators need to be able to locate the bucket at all times to reduce incidence of scrap, waste or injury.

Visit Dynapar at the 2012 AISTech Conference, Booth #1442, to learn more about their line of heavy duty rotary feedback encoders for industries such as iron and steel, pulp and paper, and vector motor.

About Dynapar
Dynapar is the recognized leader in rotary encoder products, as well as brushless and frameless resolvers, for motion feedback control. Dynapar delivers the most comprehensive rotary encoder selection, which includes incremental
encoders and absolute encoders available with optical and magnetic encoder engines...all expertly engineered with you in mind. Whether you have a heavy-, industrial-, servo- or light-duty application on your hands, the family of trusted Dynapar rotary encoder and resolver brands can meet your specifications. Dynapar was founded in Gurnee, Illinois in 1955 and has been expanded through the acquisitions to include Dynapar™ Hengstler™, NorthStar™, Harowe™, and Encoder Technology brand product lines.

Pioneering the first true vector-duty hollow-shaft encoder launched Dynapar’s strong presence in several industries, including steel, paper, elevator, oil and gas, wind energy, medical, material handling, and industrial servo manufacturing. From small kit encoders to large mill-duty tachometers, Dynapar has the industry covered.

Dynapar customers rely on expertise and support provided from the U.S. sales and manufacturing location in Gurnee, Illinois: Phone +1 800.873.8731 or +1 847.662.2666; FAX +1 847.662.6633. In addition, Dynapar supports global customers with local sales and production locations in Germany, Japan, China, and Brazil.