Where: Houston, TX

Booth # 3567
Show Dates: May 2-5, 2016 
April 25, 2016 - Come see the latest innovations from Dynapar designed for extreme reliability in hazardous environments including top drives, motors, iron roughnecks and more. Our 2016 line up includes our latest U.S./Canadian, ATEX and IECEx triple certified incremental encoders and intrinsically safe barrier. Together, they offer a full zone 0 feedback solution. Products on display will include:

IS Series EncodersFull Zone 0 Incremental Encoder Solution

All Dynapar IS series encoders are now triple certified U.S./Canadian, ATEX, IECEx for hazardous locations. Together with our new IS barrier, Dynapar offers a complete intrinsically safe solution for Zone 0 environments. These series encoders also offer up to 400G shock and 20G vibration resistance and up to 5,000PPR with unbreakable code discs. Learn More

EN42 incremental encoderEN42/44 Incremental Encoders with Encapsulated Electronics

For motors, rotary tables, mud pumps and more, Dynapar offers the EN42 and EN44 incremental encoders with encapsulated electronics, eliminating the need for a separate IS barrier and reducing system complexity. The EN series also offers the industry’s best 24VDC line driver for long cable runs. Learn More

IS barrierIS Barrier

New for 2016, Dynapar’s intrinsically safe barrier offers high bandwidth, built-in fault detection, reverse polarity protection and a differential line driver receiver for long cable runs. IS barriers are used to limit the energy passed into a hazardous zone to create a Class 1 Div 1, Class 2 Div 1, Zone 0 environment and complement our wide line of intrinsically safe encoders.

AX65 Absolute EncoderAX65 Compact Absolute Encoder for Hazardous Areas

The smallest explosion proof absolute encoder in its class is now triple certified U.S./Canadian, ATEX, IECEx. While compact, the AX65 does not sacrifice performance or toughness and is rated at 200G shock and 300N shaft load, offering design flexibility for high load applications that typically require load modules. Learn More