Dynapar will be exhibiting at this year’s EASA show in Nashville, Tennessee, June 24-26, Booth #317.

June 18, 2012 - Dynapar will have the new NorthStar RIM Tach NexGen line of encoder tachometers on display, as well as the new and improved NorthStar SLIM Tach 56 NexGen which is due to launch later this year. The RIM Tach 8500 NexGen (RT8), RIM Tach 6200 NexGen (RT6) and RIM Tach 1250 NexGen (RT1) are part of our mill duty RIM family and provide precise and reliable position and velocity feedback from electric motors in heavy duty environments. The RIM Tach NexGen products deliver superior ease-of-installation and robust, rugged designs demanded by customers for tough vector-motor applications.

The new designs continue the RIM Tach tradition with stainless steel sensor modules and ductile cast iron housings. The sensor modules use a new rugged magnetic technology that delivers a 70 thousandths air gap, the largest sensing gap in the industry. For ease-of-installation, the RIM Tach NexGen products are designed with a generous axial play of up to 0.50 inches and do not require any precision tools or measurements. The encoders also come with a convenient diagnostic LED to provide visual status of encoder functionality.

In addition to these popular Magnetic encoders, Dynapar will also be featuring key Optical and Absolute encoders, such as the HS35R, HSD35R, AR62 and AI25W.

The HS35R, HSD35R, RIM and SLIM Tach encoders are perfect for Vector Motors. Demanding “systems” applications like process industries (paper, steel, textile, film etc), material handling (cranes, hoists, conveyors etc), precise positioning (medical tables, metal cutting, and elevator) and other industries like Oil & Gas and Energy require the use of closed loop Vector Motors.

Vector Motors paired with Dynapar encoders provide precise speed and position control, thereby maximizing the performance of the motor. Typically mounted on the non-drive end of the motor on either a simple stub shaft, NEMA C-face flange or coupled to the shaft, the encoders come in a wide variety of styles, materials and resolutions to accommodate any motor design and customer application.

EASA is a professional trade organization that is recognized internationally as the leader in the electrical and mechanical apparatus sales, service and repair industry. EASA provides an ongoing flow of industry information and education that helps members worldwide serve as total solution providers for electrical and mechanical equipment and systems. The EASA conference is a great opportunity for Dynapar to offer motor feedback options and support for the industry at large.

Visit Dynapar at the 2012 EASA Conference, Booth #317, to learn more about their Magnetic, Optical and Absolute encoder products.

For more information on Dynapar’s industry product offerings, visit their website at www.dynapar.com.

About Dynapar
Dynapar is a world-leading manufacturer of optical and magnetic encoders and resolvers with more than fifty years of experience in engineering and manufacturing rotary feedback devices. Founded in Gurnee, Illinois in 1955 Dynapar has grown to include the well-known brand names of Dynapar™, Hengstler™, NorthStar™, Harowe™, and Encoder Technology LLC brand product lines.

At EASA, Dynapar will be displaying our Heavy Duty Product line consisting of our proven NorthStar Magneto-resistive encoders and our new and expanded line of NorthStar Optical encoders. Come check out these tough and almost indestructible encoders. We will have factory experts available to answer your toughest application questions.

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