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Today’s reliability professionals are wearing multiple hats while trying transform their operations to predictive and precision maintenance program. Remote condition monitoring is a critical component of a success program. However, remote tools require a large upfront investment to get started, are extremely difficult to setup and need to balance with established predictive maintenance programs.

To meet these challenges, Dynapar created the OnSite Condition Monitoring System, a powerful remote monitoring tool that's easy to use, provides advanced analytical tools with alarms and dashboards and is backed by a network of experts for support when needed (United States and Canada). Learn more below.





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Dynapar OnSite System

  • Triaxial accelerometer sensors collect integrated vibration, temperature and speed data (with optional encoder input)
  • No large upfront investment required makes it easy to start small and scale
  • Tough enough to survive the harshest conditions
  • Setup in minutes, no need to wire into control architecture
  • Event based data acquisition mode allows for continual monitoring of critical or troubled assets
  • Learn more about the system features here




Dynapar OnSite Analytics

  • Cloud based vibration analysis tools usable on any device including FFT plots, waterfall plots, harmonic cursors, RMS trend and more
  • Customizable alarms based on user-established thresholds for RMS, FFT, dynamic FFT orders, peak Gs, speed, temperature, missed posts and local data request.
  • Pre-programmed with configurable dashboards
  • Alarms send alerts via text or email
  • Learn more about the analysis tools here




Backed by a Network of Experts

  • Backed by a network of certified vibration experts able to help analyze and root cause potential issues (United States and Canada)
  • Assistance to setup the system, establish baseline and set alarms. 
  • Help determine the best approach to remote condition monitoring and how it fits into a larger predictive maintenance program
  • Contact us for more details 








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