Optical Encoders

Optical encoders provide high resolution, high operating speeds and reliability Dynapar offers both mask type and phased array sensing technology. Optical encoders with Dynapar's phased array technology can operate in high shock and vibration environments and are typically rated at 400 G shock and 20 G vibration. Optical encoders work by shining a light source through a patterned disc that is read by a photo-detector. Optical encoders engines can be implemented as incremental or absolute encoders and are available in various mounting styles.

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Incremental Optical Encoders

Dynapar offers several reliable optical incremental encoders with high resolution for applications requiring precision feedback.

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Absolute Optical Encoders

Absolute optical encoders measure actual position and will retain correct position even if power fails without homing at startup.

Featured Optical Encoders

HS35R Heavy Duty Optical Shaft Encoder


Heavy duty incremental hollow-shaft encoder rated at 400G shock, 20G vibration. Wide temperature range and IP67 option. 1-5,000 PPR.

H25 Incremental Optical Encoder Family

H25 Size 25 Incremental Encoders

Industry standard size 25 incremental encoders offer reliable feedback with options up to 10,000 PPR, sealing, extended temp range and more.

F10 Miniature Optical Encoder


Ultra small size 10 hollow-shaft incremental encoder with up to 120°C temperature range. Max 2,048 PPR with commutation tracks available.

AI25 Absolute Optical Encoder Family

AI25 Size 25 Absolute Encoders

Standard size 25 absolute encoders come with shaft or hub-shaft mounting, multiple protocols including SSI, BiSS, DeviceNet and more.

AD35 Absolute Optical Encoder


Single-turn hub-shaft 38mm size absolute encoder for servo motors. SSI, BiSS and SSI Gray protocols. Up to 22 bit single-turn resolution.

AD25 Absolute Optical Encoder


Super compact single and multi-turn absolute encoder with conical shaft for concentric motor mounting. Up to 22 bit ST and 12 bit MT.