Rotary Encoders
And Resolvers

Our proven rotary encoder and resolver solutions are used worldwide in a variety of industries such as Medical, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Packaging, Robotics, Paper and Steel, to name a few. Dynapar's vast product portfolio offers a wide selection of incremental and absolute rotary encoders engineered with cutting edge optical or magnetic technology, brushed and frameless resolvers, and accessories. Dynapar offers a wide variety of optical or magnetic shaft encoders and resolvers, as well as any resolver or encoder product your particular application may require.

Incremental Encoders

Incremental Rotary Encoders

An incremental rotary encoder provides excellent speed and distance feedback and, since there are few sensors involved, the systems are both simple and inexpensive.

Absolute Encoders

Absolute Rotary Encoders

Absolute rotary encoders work in situations where accuracy for both speed and position, fail tolerance, and interoperability matters more than system simplicity.


Harowe Resolvers

Resolvers are rugged devices and great for applications where reliable performance is required involving high temperature, shock, vibration and radiation.

Condition Monitoring

Dynapar OnSite Condition Monitoring System Thumbnail

The Dynapar OnSiteā„¢ Condition Monitoring System provides vibration, temperature and speed data remotely in the cloud and powerful tools to analyze data.

Try Dynapar Encoders Free For 30 Days.

Dynapar is now offering a no risk trial for several product families of incremental encoders, absolute encoders and resolvers, with thousands of configurations available. This is your chance to beta test a configured model for 30 days.


Looking for a Crossover?

Replacing a part from another supplier? If you're using a competitor's product, we've created an easy-to-use competitive part locator so you can find the Dynapar product that offers the same functionality.

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