Resolvers are electromechanical devices that convert mechanical motion into an electronic signal. Being analog devices, resolvers have no onboard electronics making them ideal for high shock, vibration and other harsh environments. Harowe offers frameless resolvers also known as servo resolvers or pancake resolvers consisting of a rotor assembly that is shaft mounted and a stator assembly that is mounted to the customer's device or housing as well as shafted housed resolvers with flange, servo groves and c-face mounts.

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View All Resolvers

A resolver is an electromechanical device that converts rotary motion into electronic signal. Choose from housed, frameless, servo and more.

Resolver Categories


Housed Resolvers

Heavy duty housed resolvers can withstand high temp, shock and vibration and are available in size 11 and 25.

Harowe Size 31-55 Resolvers

Frameless Resolvers

Harowe offers a wide range of frameless resolvers ranging from size 10 to size 55. Radiation hardened resolvers are also available.

R56 Housed Resolver

56 C-Face and Foot Mount Housed Resolver

Designed as a suitable replacement for Reliance Automax Resolvers, the R56 offers fast lead times and reliable performance.