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Try Dynapar - FAQs

    1. How does TryDynapar work?
      First, you will select the TryDynapar encoder that meets your specific applications. Then you will receive your encoder and have 30 days to beta test the encoder.  After 30 days, you simply either purchase or return your encoder.  
    2. What products can I sample?
      The TryDynapar program has an allotment of over 20 encoder families to choose from and thousands of configurations to meet your industries applications.  Simply choose the product that meets your requirements.  
    3. Are the TryDynapar products new or used?
      All TryDynapar products are brand new and made to order specific to your configuration.
    4. What is the return policy or procedures?
      Your 30 day trial will begin the day you receive your new encoder. After your trial is completed, please return the encoder with the pre-paid UPS shipping label enclosed in your order packet.  We can arrange for a pick up at your convenience. If the hand piece is not returned after the trial, you will be charged the cost of the encoder will be assessed to your credit card. See our terms and conditions for more details. 

      Return address for sending your encoder back:
      Dynapar Corporation
      Attn: Customer Service
      1675 Delany Road    
      Gurnee, IL 60031
    5. What if I damage my product?

      Our standard warranty policy will apply.  Please see full disclosure of our terms and conditions policy here. See our terms and conditions for more details.

    6. Will I see a charge on my credit card and when will I see a charge?

      When you place a TryDynapar order, your credit card will be authorized for the purchase however, you will not be charged for your order until after your 30 day beta test.  30 days after your order is received you will have the option to purchase or return your encoder.  If you decide to purchase the Dynapar encoder at that time your credit card will then be charged for the full encoder price and shipping charges.  If the encoder isn’t returned within the allotted timeframe, your credit card will also be charged.

    7. What should I do if I can’t find my product cross reference?

      If you can’t find a cross reference for your MRO Replacement, please contact our inside sales team or technical applications department for your exact match at 1.800.873.8731. 

    8. What if I would like to try a product that is not available on the TryDynapar list?

      If you are interested in trying one of our Dynapar encoders that are not on the TryDynapar list, please contact one of our dedicated Territory Managers to inquire about a sales sample that is unique to your applications here.

    9. Is there a dedicated Territory Manager in my area?

      Yes, we have dedicated Territory Managers and distributors for all of North America and Canada.  You can locate your Territory Manager here or a dedicated distributor of our Dynapar products here.