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Renco Encoder Crossovers

Dynapar offers alternatives to several models of Renco encoders with phased array sensing technology and customizable options. Dynapar modular encoders and kit encoders offer compact size for easy installation in tight spaces and several resolution options with minimal or no housing for application flexibility. 

Dynapar also offers customized encoder and resolvers for small motors and servo motor feedback with wide operating temperature ranges and reliable construction. Tell us your current Renco encoder part number and our engineers can help find a suitable replacement today.  Request a crossover to your current part number here.

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Renco Encoder Crossover Models


0.9" super compact hub-shaft incremental encoder with max operating speed of 12,000 RPM and integrated ASIC. 100-512 PPR.


Compact 1.5" diameter modular incremental encoder with phased array sensor allowing 0.03" axial play. Max 1,024 PPR with commutation tracks.


2.0” diameter modular encoder offers incremental feedback up to 2,048 PPR. Phased array sensor allows 0.02" axial play and requires no gapping tools or parts. 


0.9" super compact hub-shaft incremental encoder for servo, stepper and on axis applications with low power standby mode. 100-512 PPR.