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Heavy Duty Encoders for Windmills and Wind Energy

Renewable Energy and Rate & Speed Control for Optimum Windmill Operation

Wind power is a renewable source that is anticipated to generate more electricity in 15 years than all of Saudi Arabia’s oil, without being depleted. New wind is created every day by the heating and cooling of the earth and is not affected by fuel price increases or supply disruptions. The American Wind Energy Association estimates that 10,500 direct jobs and more than 11,000 indirect jobs have been created in the United States by wind energy production. From wind power plants, small residential wind generators, large commercial wind turbines, turbine components, towers and structures for large commercial wind turbines and structures for small residential wind generators, wind has become a popular alternative energy commodity and industry to harness, control and measure.

Dynapar encoders can be found busy at work in wind generators and commercial wind turbines measuring air movement (e.g. speed) as well as rate in regards to how fast a generator’s fan blades are spinning to ensure optimum machine performance and energy output and usage at all times.

Dynapar offers a range of industryand heavy dutyencoders designed to meet the manufacturing and maintenance requirements of the wind energy industry. Our standardized and customized product offering and global manufacturing and support are designed to work within any engineering project deadline:

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HA25 Heavy Duty EncodersThe Dynapar brand Series HA25 is a rugged, reliable and economical encoder for iindustrial motion applications. > Discover More

C628 powerful, full-featured rate meter with large bright display which changes color on alarm activation.

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Wind Turbine Facts (per GE Wind Energy Division)

  • One GE Wind Energy 1.5 MW wind turbine can produce enough clean electricity for about 400 homes each year.
  • A GE Wind Energy 1.5 MW wind turbine is more than 328 feet tall at its tallest point (that’s taller than a 32 story building).
  • A GE Wind Energy 1.5 MW wind turbine weighs about 92 tons.
  • Just one blade from the 1.5 MW wind turbine is 112 feet long (that’s more than 37 yards on a football field).