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NorthStar Encoders are the Rugged Choice of the Steel Industry

The steel industry includes establishments engaged in smelting and refining of ferrous and nonferrous metals (e.g. ore, pig, or scrap). From rolling, drawing, and alloying metals to manufacturing castings and other basic metal products including nails, spikes, and insulated wire and cable.

Steel foundries produce steel castings through process operations that involve raw materials handling, metal melting, mold and core production to casting and finishing. NorthStar heavy duty encodersas well as Dynapar absolute encoderscan be found operating in length positioning and speed tensioning applications within the casting and finishing process modes of steel manufacture, specifically controlling and monitoring swing bucket position. The swing bucket pours molten steel into casting forms before returning to home position to refill again, whereby machine operators need to be able to locate the bucket at all times to reduce incidence of scrap, waste or injury.

NorthStar offers a wide range of heavy duty encodersequipped with magneto-resistive technology that are not affected by the harsh conditions of steel production, e.g. water and airborne contaminants to mechanical shock and vibration. Their advanced encapsulated electronics ensure that they are unaffected by natural contaminants and extreme temperatures. Some NorthStar models are even equipped with dual sensors as a built in sensor backup (should one fail) to prevent costly mill downtime scenarios.

  • NorthStar Heavy Duty encodersunmatched in their ruggedness for reliable operation in extreme conditions.
  • Dynapar Absolute encodersprovide absolute position feedback of molten steel even after a power interruption as they always know and can report back on their position.

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