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Feedback Controls that Prevent Paper Waste & Ensure Maximum Capacity Print Press Finishing Production

Dynapar encoders can be found busy at work in commercial printing businesses nationwide. Advertising in the form of newspaper inserts, magazines, directories, catalogs and direct mail pieces continue to drive our information hungry society. Financial printing of annual reports, prospectuses and proxy materials for stocks and related financial instruments have also grown in the past decade.

The volume of commercial printing which after benefiting from a long period of economic expansion, today is facing a more difficult climate. Printer shipments are down and fluctuating raw material costs, particularly paper, remain the biggest individual manufacturing cost for printers – in some cases - amounting to 25% of revenue. With paper such a prime commodity not to waste and smooth print press operation key, Dynapar industrial dutyand counters or Northstar heavy duty encoderscan be found working in collaboration to provide critical unit counting, conveyor speed or cut to length feedback to print machinery operators at any given time to ensure maximum output capability and reduced incidence of scrap due to misprinting or faulty conveyor speed.

Our standardized and customized product offering and global manufacturing and support are designed to work within any engineering project deadline:

Featured Products

SLIM Tach 8500 Encoder SLIM Tach ® 8500/6500 encoders use no bearings for long life and are equipped with a high strength aluminum alloy casing and dual output option designed for large motor print press applications. > Discover More

Dynapar brand Series HA725 encoders feature the iindustry standard size 25 flange mount for easy installation and NEMA4 protection in industrial printing environments. > Discover More

C628 powerful, full-featured rate meter with large bright display which changes color on alarm activation. > Discover More

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