Housed Resolvers

Harowe housed resolvers are the ideal choice for high temperature, high shock and vibration and dirty environments. Heavy duty housed resolvers offer the reliability of Harowe brushless resolvers inside a sealed package with various IP rated models available. Housed resolvers are available in size 11 servo mount and size 25 servo or flange mount. The NorthStar R56 also utilizes Harowe's resolver technology in a heavy duty housing designed to replace resolvers used in the Reliance Automax DSC system.
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Featured Housed Resolvers

Series 11/R11 Heavy Duty Brushless Resolvers

R11 Size 11 Housed Resolver

Compact 1.1" diameter brushless house resolver, high accuracy, servo mount, with max shaft size of 0.12"

R25 Housed Resolver

R25 Industrial Duty Resolver

Servo or flange mount 2.5" diameter shafted resolver with optional IP65 rated housing, withstands 200 G shock and 40 G vibration. 3/8" shaft size.

RF25 Housed Resolver

RF25 Heavy Duty Resolver

Flange mount housed resolver with 2.5" diameter, shaft seal standard, IP65 rated, 1 or 2 speed options, 3/8" shaft size.

R56 Heavy Duty Housed Resolver

R56 Heavy Duty Resolver

Heavy duty housed resolver, compatible with the Reliance Automax DCS system, foot mount or 56 C-Face mounting options, 5/8" shaft size.