Servo Motor Encoders

Servo Motor Encoder Mounting

The use of servo motor has been growing rapidly as a viable alternative to pneumatic, hydraulic, and some electromechanical forms of motion and positioning control. Servo motors with servo encoders units have been used in a variety of applications, including robotics, XYZ tables, factory automation, and related precision control operations in production facilities worldwide.

In the fiercely competitive servo motor market, OEMs are driven by cost efficiency and prefer electronic motion control and servo encoder feedback solutions for their integration ease that provide high efficiency, small size, and high torque technology at an attractive price.

Dynapar standardized and customized brand motor mount servo encoders and Harowe brand servo resolvers are reliable, affordable and extremely compact in size to enable production personnel to monitor critical motor speed and position parameters within their motion control and production applications. Accurate motor speed tracking ensures optimum machine performance and operation designed to prevent motor burnout, or worst case, costly machine shutdown.


Recommended Solutions

Servo Motor Resolver HaroMax Series 15

Frameless Size 15 Servo Resolvers

Because of its simple transformer design and lack of on-board electronics, resolvers are ideal for high temperature environments. The Size 15 Frameless Resolver offers up to 200C temperature rating.

Servo Motor Encoder Absolute AD35

AD35 Single Turn Absolute Encoder

The AD35 absolute encoder’s short mounting depth allows for installation in tight motor endbells. With up to 10,000 RPMs, this encoder is suited for high speed servo motor applications.

Servo Motor Encoder Incremental F15

F15 Incremental Servo Encoder

Size 15 Incremental Servo Encoder with Flex Servo Ring for easy installation. Short mounting depth with +/-2.5º Arc-Min accuracy, ideal for high performance servo motors.