Standard Operating Characteristics
Pulses Per Revolution:120-2048
Input Power Requirements:5-24 VDC, 95mA, typical per sensor module, plus line driver load
Mounting Configuration:8.5" 180 C-face mount for NEMA MG1 standards
Operating Temperature:-40°C to +100°C
The RIM Tach® NexGen 8500 is specifically designed to provide high performance velocity and position feedback for AC and DC motor and drive control systems. The demands today require more forgiving installation to accommodate for variations in shaft concentricities, C-face bracket fits, and higher resolutions to meet the demands of today's high performance drives.

NorthStar RIM Tach® 8500 NexGen (RT8) | Encoder

RIM Tach 8500 NexGen

Product Photos

RIM Tach 8500 NexGen thumb w/wheel

Key Features:

  • New Sensor Produces up to 0.075" of Air Gap, Over 50% More Than Competitive Models
  • Expanded Resolution up to 2048 (4096 Coming Soon)
  • Redesigned Circuitry for On-Board Diagnostics with LED and Alarm Output
  • Wide -40 to +100°C Temperature Range
  • Optimized Pulse Wheel for Greater Shaft Holding Force and Ease of Assembly

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