Dynapar OnSite™ Online Condition Monitoring System

Powerfully Insightful. Surprisingly Simple.

Slash unexpected downtime today and take back control of your schedule with the Dynapar OnSite Condition Monitoring System. More than just an alarm, it provides high quality data and advanced analysis tools backed by a network of experts to help you predict issues in advance.

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OnSite Condition Monitoring System


Dynapar OnSite™ System

  • Affordable, 24/7 condition monitoring
  • Integrated triaxial vibration and temperature sensors
  • Easy to deploy and easy to use by anyone
  • No custom gateway or large upfront investment required
  • Easy to expand, scale and redeploy to other assets
  • Tough enough to survive the harshest conditions
  • Setup in minutes, no need interfere with control architecture 


OnSite Condition Monitoring Analysis Tools


Dynapar OnSite™ Analytics

  • Pre-programmed with configurable dashboards
  • Easy to use alarms send alerts via text or email
  • Cloud-based, access from any device
  • Intuitive interface similar to your handheld tools
  • Built-in tools including FFT, waterfall plots, RMS trend and more
  • Designed for multi-stakeholder access
  • Supports both vibration analysis experts and non-experts 


What is condition monitoring?

Condition monitoring is the use of sensors to collect machine health data. This data is analyzed to determine if changes in the performance or condition of a machine, or its components, is occurring while it is in operation. When used with rotating and/or reciprocating machinery, the parameters often used for monitoring are vibration and temperature and running speed. The sensors record data based on fluctuations of those specific parameters and this data can be used in predictive maintenance.

What are the advantages of condition monitoring?

Condition monitoring, especially online condition monitoring, provides data on the present and historic state of a component or machine and can be used to predict future state. This allows predictive analysis to identify problems early and plan repairs in advance, avoiding unscheduled downtime. Ultimately, this leads to increased reliability, improved uptime, increased production output, and minimized maintenance costs.

What is condition-based maintenance?

Condition-based maintenance is a strategy that uses sensors to determine the current state of a component or machine or piece of equipment so a decision about the maintenance that needs to be done, and when, can be made. Rather than relying on monthly or quarterly inspections, with condition monitoring the maintenance is performed only when the data shows that components, parts, and assemblies show signs of wear or imminent failure.

What are condition monitoring techniques?

Condition monitoring techniques can be used solely or in combination, determined by the machine or equipment involved. Vibration analysis which integrates temperature and running conditions such as speed is a common technique utilized in predictive maintenance. Others include ultrasound testing, lubricant analysis and thermography.


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Transform Your Operations With An Affordable Condition Monitoring Tool:


Access Critical Data from Anywhere

The Dynapar OnSite™ System monitors speed, acceleration, temperature and vibration data. Alarms can be set and correlations can be drawn to a machine's running conditions to detect a change of state via the cloud.

Affordable, Even to Monitor Only 1 Point

Even the smallest motor can cause downtime. The Dynapar OnSite™ System is the first product in its class that offers powerful condition monitoring at an accessible cost with no large upfront investment so you can monitor any asset affordably.

Easy to Deploy and Use by Anyone

The Dynapar OnSite™ System units can be installed and configured in less than 30 minutes. Wi-Fi or cellular communication eliminates wiring and browser-based analytics means no adjustments to control architecture.

Easy to Scale or Transfer to Different Assets

With a Wi-Fi or cellular network, one 4-point system is affordable to monitor any machine and more units can be added to monitor more assets. Existing units can be easily transferred to different assets.

Enable Collaboration in the Cloud 

Secure cloud-based analytics can be accessed by anyone on the team and is independent of control data allowing maintenance, operations and vibration professionals to collaborate and make timely decisions.

Built for Tough Environments and Remote Locations

The Dynapar OnSite™ System is designed to survive in harsh environments that may be dangerous or too remote to send route based teams on a regular basis.


Enable Real-Time Collaboration Across Your Organization:

Condition Monitoring Communication Workflow


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Pump Condition Monitoring

Fans and Blowers

Blower Motor Condition Monitoring


Conveyor Motor Condition Monitoring

Dust Collectors & Air Handlers

Dust Collector Condition Monitoring

Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower Condition Monitoring

Cranes & Hoists

Crane Motor Condition Monitoring



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What our customers are saying:

Customer-quote-bubble“The bearing didn't go into catastrophic failure. The customer didn't have to shut down the plant in the middle of the day. The vibration data from the OnSite system helped us find and diagnose the problem early.”

- Predictive Maintenance Manager, Working with a Major US Food Manufacturer

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