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Transform Your Operations with 24/7 Online Condition Monitoring

In these days of lean staffing, maintenance already has far too much to do. Continuous online condition monitoring lets technicians reclaim the hours they would otherwise spend circling from asset to asset to record data that is statistically unlikely to prove meaningful. Tracking condition remotely cuts risk by reducing the need to access equipment in hard-to-reach or dangerous locations. It increases operational equipment effectiveness (OEE) and allows engineers to focus on preventing and solving problems rather than performing rote work.

From Route-Based Condition MonitoringHandheld Condition Monitoring Route
  • Broad route-based monitoring (milk runs)
  • Over 50% of time wasted walking the plant and collecting data
  • Breakdowns in between routes, sometimes even right after
  • Spiraling maintenance and downtime costs
  • Online monitoring limited to only a few assets due to expense
Online Condition MonitoringTo 24/7 Remote Online Condition Monitoring
  • 24 x 7 online condition monitoring with targeted route-based checks
  • Less time spent gathering data and more time acting on it
  • Catching problems before they happen assisted by continuous data trending and alarms
  • Significant savings through reduced downtime and lower frequency of milk runs
  • Affordable online condition monitoring applied to a broader set of assets

How Condition Monitoring Works

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Condition Monitoring Case Study Hard To Reach Asset

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