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Dynapar OnSite™ Condition Monitoring Overview

The Dynapar OnSite™ condition monitoring system is a hardware and software solution that combines flexibility with fast results. The hardware hub captures vibration, temperature and speed (with an encoder present) and transmits it via a Wi-Fi or cellular network. It deploys in minutes: Just attach the sensors, turn on the power and the Dynapar OnSite™ System does the rest. There is no need to download software - the application resides in the cloud. And built-in software tools make it easy to set alarms and analyze data in real time.

Dynapar OnSite™ System

Onsite-unit-with-number-highlights1. Wi-Fi or Cellular Communication
Compatible with existing infrastructure (no proprietary gateway required). Max range: 300m, line of sight.
2. Sensor Node
Installs in minutes with multiple mounting options. Rated at IP65 and 85°C max temp for harsh environments.
3. Sensor Cables
Sensor cable extends up to 30ft for hard to reach locations.
4. Sensors
Each node contains four sensors with tri-axial accelerometers and temperature sensors. Each sensor is rated IP68 and 105°C max for rugged environments.
5. Optional Encoder Input
Connect encoder for speed data allowing full situational awareness of machine condition.
6. Edge Trigger Data Collector
Push button for a quick snapshot of current data.
7. Asset Status Indicator
Visually confirm device status with multifunction LED.
8. QR Code
Scan for quick access to software and commissioning portal.

Dynapar OnSite™ Analytics

Software-with-number-highlights1. Vibration Waveform
See an overall trend to quickly spot spikes and issues early.
2. Overall RMS with Speed and Temperature Data
Combine vibration data with speed and temperature to achieve complete situational awareness (encoder input needed for speed data).
3. Advanced Analysis Tools
Advanced analytic tools such as water fall plots and harmonic cursors are built-in for experts to quickly root cause critical issues.
4. Dashboard
Quickly identify troubled assets at a glance and view event history. Dive into the data quickly from the dashboard to determine the issue, not just that an alarm went off.
5. Alarms
Customizable alarms based on user-established thresholds for RMS, FFT, dynamic FFT orders, peak Gs, speed, temperature, missed posts and local data request.

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Sensor Specifications

Operating Temperature Range (Sensor) -40°C to 105°C
Operating Temperature Range (Hub) 0°C to 40°C (200 and 500 models)
-20°C to 80°C (DCN and DCS models)
Frequency Bandwidth 0 Hz - 1,000 Hz
Measurement Range (programmable) Low Mesurement Range Sensor: +/- 8g (Range: 2, 4, 8)
High Mesurement Range Sensor: +/- 40g (Range: 10, 20, 40g)
Sensitivity 15.6 μg/LSB
Spectra Line Programable (24K max)
Sampling Frequency 4000 Hz
Temperature Sensor Yes
Max Number of Hubs 255
Frequency Accuracy +/- 1 Hz
Low-pass Antialiasing Filter 1.5 kHz
Low-pass Digital Filter 1 kHz
High-pass Filter DC - 10 Hz Programmable

Condition Monitoring Case Study CTA

Condition Monitoring Case Study Hard To Reach Asset

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