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The Dynapar OnSite™ condition monitoring system is a hardware and software solution that combines flexibility with fast results. The hardware hub captures vibration, temperature and speed (with an encoder present) and transmits it via a Wi-Fi or cellular network. It deploys in minutes: Just attach the sensors, turn on the power and the OnSite System does the rest. There is no need to download software - the application resides in the cloud. And built-in software tools make it easy to set alarms and analyze data in real time.

Monitor Critical Asset24/7 Critical Asset (high cost of downtime)

Prevent failure of critical assets that are running stably but have very high cost of downtime (e.g. rollers on a paper machine).


Monitor Troubled AssetTroubled Assets (potential for catastrophic failure)

Monitor critical assets that are already on watch and might not make it to the next scheduled downtime. Identify further progression before it leads to catastrophic failure or downtime.

Monitor Hard to Reach AssetHard-to-Reach Assets (Safety concern)

Protect staff by monitoring assets in remote locations or areas that present safety risks for workers (e.g., rooftop fans during bad weather, motors/rollers/assets in very hot or corrosive environments, etc.)

Monitor Process ControlProcess Monitoring/Control (production throughput, quality)

Understand how different operators or operating parameters affect the performance of a process/machine and thus the final product quality or throughput. Develop insights regarding best/worst practices to operate an asset.

Machine StartupAsset Commissioning/Start-up (verify normal start-up operation)

Monitor newly installed assets during commissioning to generate baseline and ensure proper operation. This baseline provides a reference to verify proper startup after completion of scheduled/unscheduled maintenance.

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Condition Monitoring Case Study Hard To Reach Asset

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