Series E14 Incremental Encoders


Series E14 Encoder

 E14 Incremental Encoders
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Quick Specs...

  • Servo or face mount (1.44" diameter)
  • Up to 2540 PPR with optional marker pulse
  • Face mount 2.0" diameter
  • Rugged all-metal housing
  • Shielded cable standard

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Overview / Design Principle:

It is an industry-standard Size 14 (1.44" diameter), servo or face-mount encoder unit with a rugged, metal housing. The Series E14 includes precision bearings, an O-ring seal, and a choice of 1/4" or 1/8" diameter stainless steel shaft. Series E14 incorporates the latest in microelectronic packaging, LED light sources, and matched sensors. The incremental encoders outputs are designed to be compatible with most 5V TTL circuits with options for higher voltage 12 and 15 VDC. Shielded cable is standard. Line drivers with complementary outputs are available for longer cable runs and/or higher ambient electrical noise immunity.

Features and Benefits:

Mechanical / Environmental Features

  • Durable metal housing
  • O-ring housing seal
  • Rugged 1/4" or 1/8" diameter stainless steel shafts
  • Up to 5000 RPM

Electrical Features

  • Up to 1024 pulses per revolution including an optional marker pulse
  • Higher electronic operating speed up to 100 kHz
  • LED light source and matched sensors
  • Choice of 5, 12, or 15 VDC units
  • Shielded cable and line driver available for higher electrical noise immunity

The Dynapar Advantage:

  • Innovative, high quality leading edge technology encoder products
  • Broad commercial - industrial grade product line
  • Fast 3 Day Delivery and customized built to order solutions available
  • Global Manufacturing & Service Support
  • Fast-Friendly Customer Service & Technical Support with Multi-Lingual Capabilities
  • Global Network of Authorized Resellers
  • Competitive Product Warranty:  2 Years  


The Series E14 is a totally enclosed, easy-to-install, incremental encoder designed for commercial and industrial applications with limited space.

Typical Applications:

  • Industrial equipment
  • Assembly machinery
  • Phototypesetters and printers
  • Robotics
  • Medical diagnostic equipment
  • Motor-mounted feedback
  • Computer peripherals
Standard Operating Characteristics
Code: Incremental
Resolution: 100 to 2540 PPR (pulses/revolution)
Format: Two channel quadrature (AB) with optional Index (Z) outputs
Phase Sense: A leads B for CW shaft rotation as viewed from the shaft end of the encoder
Accuracy: ± 3 x (360° ÷ PPR) or ± 2.5 arc-min worst case pulse to any other pulse, whichever is less
Quadrature Phasing: 90° ± 36° electrical
Symmetry: 180° ± 18° electrical
Index: 90° ± 25° electrical (gated with A and B high)
Waveforms: Squarewave with rise and fall times less than 1 microsecond into a load capacitance of 1000 pf

Input Power: 5 VDC ± 5% at 80 mA max.; 12 or 15 VDC ± 10% at 80 mA max.; not including output loads
Outputs: 7272 (or equivalent) line driver, 40 mA sink and source
Frequency Response: 100 kHz min.

Bearing Life: (16 x 106 ÷ RPM) hours at max. load
Shaft Loading: 5 lb. radial, 3 lb. axial max.
Shaft Speed: 5,000 RPM max.
Starting Torque: Shielded Bearing: 0.1 oz-in max. at 25 °C
Sealed Bearing: 0.43 oz-in max. at 25 °C
Moment of Inertia: 3.8 x 10-5 oz-in-sec2
Weight: 3.0 oz. max.

Operating Temperature: 0 to +70 °C
Storage Temperature: -25 to +70 °C
Humidity: to 98% without condensation
Enclosure Rating: NEMA12/IP54 (dirt tight, splashproof) Optional: NEMA3/IP64 rating available (consult factory)

Electrical Connections
Wire Color Code
Standard Outputs 5, 12, or 15 VDC
w/Line Driver Outputs
Power source
Power source
Power source
Signal A
Signal A
Signal A
Signal B (if used)
Signal ¯A
Signal B
Signal Z (if used)
No Connection
Signal ¯B
No Connection
No Connection
Signal ¯A
Signal Z (if used)
Signal ¯Z

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