Standard Operating Characteristics
Supply Voltage: 5 VDC, +10% / –5%
Single-turn:13 Bits
Multi-turn Resolution: 12 Bits
Shaft size:
Tapered solid shaft:10 mm diameter; Cone 1:10
Tapered hub shaft: 10 mm diameter; Cone 1:10
Operating Temperature:-15 to 120° C

Designed for integration into BLDC servomotors allowing digital feedback to be sent over an industrial bus network

  • Elevators
  • CNC
  • Assembly
  • Positioning


OEM’s requiring an integral-in-motor absolute encoder that can provide high accuracy digital feedback signals

AD25 | Single- / Multi- Turn Absolute Encoder


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Key Features

  • Special Conical Shaft for Concentric Motor Mounting
  • Up to 22 Bits of Singleturn Absolute Positioning for Smooth Low Speed Motor Performance
  • Integrated On-Board Diagnostics to Monitor Encoder Health

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