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Encoders For Elevators


Ensuring a safe and dependable ride every time is the goal in the elevator industry. Precise vertical lift and speed measurement control are imperative to ensure passenger and mechanical safety within US and Canadian ASME A17.1, and CAN/CSA B44 manufacturing compliance standards.

Dynapar encoders provide reliability and accuracy in determining the position and speed of travel of the elevator while also communicating that feedback information to a computer that controls and adjusts the elevator’s motor speed to consistently put the elevator car where it needs to be.

Dynapar’s industrial duty encoder and counters and sensors provide critical feedback control to ensure elevators are working at optimum performance.

Dynapar offers several crossovers for competitor encoders used in the elevator industry with fast lead times and next day shipping in North America. See our crossover guides for Heidenhain Encoders and Pepperl & Fuchs Encoders 


Recommended Solutions

HC25 Shafted Encoder

HA725 Shafted Encoder

High direct read resolutions can be a requirement in an elevator application. The HA725 can read up to 10,000 PPR which make it an ideal fit for any elevator application.

HS35R Sealed Hollow-Shaft Encoder Try Dynapar

HS35R Sealed Hollowshaft Encoder

Maximizing equipment uptime and increasing the reliability of your elevator are what the HS35R provides. The HS35R is has a high 400g shock rating, and larger bearings which enhances the life of your encoder.


E14 Hubshaft Encoder

The E14 Hubshaft is a compact incremental encoder that is an easy to install. Ideal for door operation control applications, the E14 is available in 100 to 2,540 PPR options.