Rotary Encoders

Dynapar offers a wide variety of rotary encoders for every feedback application including incremental, absolute, miniature and heavy duty rotary encoders.  Rotary encoders come in 3 major mounting styles: hollow-shaft (hollow-bore or through shaft), hub-shaft (hub-bore) or shafted. Hollow-shaft and hub-shaft rotary encoders mount directly to a motor shaft typically using a tether. Shafted rotary encoders mount using a flexible coupling.

Learn more about choosing between incremental vs. absolute encoders  

Learn more about choosing mounting options and how the correct mounting style can optimize encoder life and performance 

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View All Incremental Encoders

Incremental Rotary Encoders

Incremental rotary encoders provide a specific number of pulses per resolution (PPR) for speed, direction and relative position.

View All Absolute Encoders

Absolute Rotary Encoders

Absolute rotary encoders measure actual position and will retain correct position even if power fails without homing at startup.

Choose Rotary Encoders by Mounting Style

Shaft Rotary Encoders

Shafted Rotary Encoders

Dynapar offers a wide range of shafted rotary encoders that mount to a motor or driven shaft via a flexible coupling.

Hollow-Shaft Rotary Encoders

Hollow-Shaft Rotary Encoders

Easy to install hollow-shaft rotary encoders mount directly to a motor shaft. See bore sizes ranging from 0.25 to 2.875 inches.

Hub-Shaft Rotary Encoders

Hub-Shaft Rotary Encoders

Hub-shaft rotary encoders offer direct mounting in limited space and improved sealing with no opening on the back of the encoder.

Choose Rotary Encoders by Technology

Optical Rotary Encoders

Optical Rotary Encoders

Dynapar optical rotary encoders provide high resolution, high operating speeds and reliability thanks to phased array sensing technology.

Magnetic Rotary Encoders

Magnetic Rotary Encoders

Magnetic rotary encoders are ideal for environments with dirt, dust and oil. Dynapar offers both incremental and absolute models.

Specialized Rotary Encoders

Miniature Rotary Encoders

Miniature Rotary Encoders

Dynapar offers miniature rotary encoders with diameters less than 1 inch for feedback applications in tight spaces.

Non Contact Encoders

Non Contact Rotary Encoders

Non contact rotary encoders or shaftless encoders offer a compact package with no shaft, couplings, bearings or seals to wear out.

Hazardous Area Encoders

Hazardous Rated Encoders

Dynapar offers several U.S./Canadian, ATEX, CSA and IECEx rated incremental encoders for applications requiring explosion proof encoders.