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Encoders for the Ski Lift Industry

NorthStar Encoders are the Choice of the Ski Industry for Safe, Uninterrupted Lift Operation

Skiing is a demanding sport not only for the skier but the lift equipment as well. The ski industry relies on NorthStar heavy duty encoders to reliably perform without downtime, under heavy loads, and sometimes brutally cold environmental conditions.

NorthStar offers a wide range of heavy duty encodersdesigned to meet the performance and environmental extremes of the ski lift industry. Our comprehensive line of digital control systems provide reliable speed and web tensioning control and insure safe lift operation. Whether you operate an AC or DC lift drive, we have an encoder to match your system, at the level of performance you demand. Our standardized and customized digital encoders are rugged. Each one engineered with magneto-resistive technology to track machine speed for precise control in the harshest of environments. With advanced encapsulated electronics, our encoders are unaffected by natural contaminants such as water, dirt, dust and extreme temperatures to -40 degree Celcius.

In addition, our global manufacturing and support are designed to work within any engineering project deadline:

  • Heavy Duty encodersunmatched in their ruggedness for reliable operation in extreme conditions.
  • Intellitach® promotes simultaneous monitoring of two encoder inputs, switching from one input to the other within one magnetic pulse in the event of feedback failure.
  • Dynapar F2Vfrequency to voltage converter designed to convert digital encoder signals into DC analog encoder signals.
  • RIM Tach® Signal Splitterdesigned to split and route a signal encoder to multiple locations.

Featured Products

RIM Tach 1250 Encoders RIM Tach ® digital tachometers feature dual putput and are constructed of a ductile cast iron enclosure, making them the most rugged and versatile digitial encoders available today. > Discover More

SLIM Tach ® encoders use no bearings for long life and are equipped with a high strength aluminum alloy casing and dual output option. > Discover More

MagCoder HS35 Encoders Magcoder ® HS35 ’s compact design and stainless steel and zinc alloy construction allows for mounting to any AC or DC motor shaft, up to 1-1/8 in dia. > Discover More

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