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Northstar Brand Magneto-Resistive Digital Pulse Tachs Provide Reliable Operation to the Pulp & Paper Mill Industry

Northstar brand RIM Tach® Seriesencoders can be found hard at work within the paper and packaging industry.

Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation (NASDAQ: SSCC) is the industry's leading integrated manufacturer of paperboard and paper-based packaging. Smurfit-Stone holds industry-leading positions in the production of containerboard (including white top linerboard, and recycled medium), corrugated containers, industrial bags, and clay-coated recycled boxboard. Headquartered in Chicago, they are also the world's largest paper recycler, as well as a leading producer of folding cartons, solid bleached sulfate, paper tube, cores, and labels.

For more than 15 years, Jefferson Smurfit Corporation and Stone Container Corporation utilized optical tachometers on all of their DC and AC motor drive systems. However, having to perform in the most hostile and demanding environments, optical tachometers often failed over a relatively short period of time, causing system failures and costly downtime. To help minimize nuisance failures, maintenance personnel spent valuable time attending to each optical tachometer.

When the Smurfit-Stone mill in Brewton, Alabama learned of the inherent reliability of NorthStar brand magneto-resistive (MR) technology, they replaced every optical encoder in their plant with NorthStar RIM Tach® Series encoders. These digital tachometers require little or no maintenance, offer better reliability, and are immune to virtually all of the mill contaminants that shorten the life of optical based tachometers. Proven to perform, NorthStar’s comprehensive line of RIM Tach encoders provided Smurfit-Stone the flexible solutions they needed in order to run their paper mill more efficiently and with less worry.

Northstar offers a wide range of heavy-duty encodersand mill-dutymagneto-resistive encoders designed to meet the performance and environmental extremes of the pulp and paper mills industry. Our comprehensive line of digital control systems provide reliable speed and web tensioning control for reliable plant operation. Our standardized and customized digital encoders are rugged. Each one engineered with magneto-resistive technology to track machine speed for precise control in the harshest of environments. In addition, our global manufacturing and support are designed to work within any engineering project deadline:

  • Mill-Duty (RIM Tach®) encodersprovide reliability and precision even under the most challenging conditions. Using proven Magnetoresistive Technology (MR) these tachometers provide solid signals to precisely track machine speed for better control and for trouble-free and trustworthy performance.
  • Heavy-Duty (Slim Tach®) encodersincorporate a bearingless and ultra-thindesign for longer encoder life and a variety of motor mounting possibilities. Designed specifically to meet the heavy-duty needs of the process industry, they use proven Magnetoresistive technology (MR) to precisely track machine speed for better control.

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RIM Tach Series EncodersThe RIM Tach® Series HS85is a large bore hollow shaft digital tachometer, which mounts directly on a motor shaft, eliminating the need for a mounting surface. Easily accommodating motor shaft sizes up to 4.5", RIM Tach® HS85 offers the same reliability, flexibility and resolution that you have come to know with NorthStar. The mill duty construction makes it ideal for both motor and non-motor applications. > Discover More

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