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Dynapar Encoders a Built In Commodity on Form Fill Sealing Machinery

Dynapar encoders can be found hard at work within the packaging industry and packaging OEM machinery and equipment for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, and specialty chemical industries to name a few.

The US remains the largest producer of packaging equipment, followed by Japan, Germany, Italy and China. With the growing popularity of Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) machines along with the acceptance of flexible packages that are rapidly replacing bottles, cans, cartons, and bag-in-box packages- packaging companies are under pressure to save money by maximizing package functionality and by jettisoning expensive paper and board materials - all the while maintaining a steady output flow to meet market demand.

From cartoning, multipacking and filling equipment to capping, sealing, and closing machinery, Dynapar’s complete line of industrial encodersand counters are there providing critical unit counting, conveyor speed or cut to length (taper, batch or totalizing) feedback to packaging machinery operators. Our standardized and customized encoder products track how much material has been used to accurately monitor material usage as well as maintain fixed conveyor speed to ensure that packaging, manufacturing and sealing steps occur in proper sequence to prevent costly production scrap or waste.

  • Industrial duty encodersprovide feedback on conveyor speed and web tensioning.
  • Counters with high and low alarm capabilities and scalable engineering units track both min and max conveyor speed as well as unit counting/totalizing.

Featured Products

HA25 EncodersThe Dynapar brand Series HR25/ HA25is a rugged, reliable and economical encoder for iinustrial motion applications.

C628 powerful, full-featured rate meter with large bright display which changes color on alarm activation.

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