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Encoders for Elevators

Reliable, Safe & Accurate People Moving for Today’s Speed of Business

In today’s fast paced world, people and business are moving at incredible speeds. The people mover industry and aftermarket is growing strong, particularly throughout Asia.

In the elevator manufacturing industry ensuring a safe and dull ride is the name of the game. Precise vertical lift and speed measurement control are imperative to ensure passenger and mechanical safety within US and Canadian ASME A17.1, and CAN/CSA B44 manufacturing compliance standards.

Dynapar encoders can be found busy at work within elevators the world-over performing a dual function –e.g. reliably and accurately determining the position and speed of travel of the elevator and communicating that feedback information to a computer that controls and adjusts the elevator’s motor speed to consistently put the elevator car where it needs to be.

Dynapar offers a range of industry duty encoders designed to meet the elevator industry's complex manufacturing and maintenance requirements. Our standardized and customized product offering and global manufacturing and support are designed to work within any engineering project deadline:

  • Industrial Duty Encodersto track position and velocity of any people moving device.
  • Counters and Sensors to integrate critical elevator load and passenger count variables with system requirements.

Featured Products

E14 Incremental EncodersThe Series E14is a totally enclosed,easy-to-install,incremental encoder designed for commercial and industrial applications with limited space.It is an industry-standard Size 15 (1.44" diameter),servo or face-mount unit with a rugged,metal housing. > Discover More

C628 powerful, full-featured rate meter with large bright display which changes color on alarm activation. > Discover More

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