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Real Answers to Your Real Factory Automation Feedback and Control Problems...
Dynapar™, Hengstler™, Northstar™ and Harowe™ brand rotary encoders and resolver products have been helping customers with their factory automation and feedback control needs for over 50 years. Our broad product range is used in an incredibly wide variety of industrial applications.

With over 1Million Dynapar shaft encoders, and  Northstar rotary encoders and 5 Million Harowe resolvers in service, representing many thousands of individual customer applications, chances are we have experience solving a speed, rate, velocity, distance or position measurement problem very similar to yours. Let Dynapar's feedback technology work for you in your factory automation processes to monitor and track operations, increase production output and reduce waste!

For more detailed information on Dynapar rotary encoders, Northstar shaft encoders and Harowe resolver product applications and markets, we invite you to browse our industry solutions, classified by market and application for your convenience.


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As a leading supplier in the feedback controls industry, Dynapar can help you design the perfect solution for your specific application need. Find out how others in your market - from manufacturing to the recreational industry - are using Dynapar encoders and resolvers successfully.  

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As your one-stop shop for factory automation and feedback controls, we are confident that we can help you find the right solution for your application quickly and easily. Browse this section to learn how Dynapar can help you with your application:

Case Studies & Pertinent Reference Materials

Locate industry-specific encoder case studies and primers quickly and easily. Learn how Dynapar™, Northstar™ and Harowe™ brand encoder products are being used in specific applications and markets or read about the latest developments in the feedback technology.

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