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Lenord Bauer Encoder Crossovers

Dynapar offers alternatives to several models of Lenord+Bauer Encoders (L+B Encoders) and axle pulse generators with fast lead times and next day shipping available in North America. Dynapar encoders are built for rugged environments and offers features including high shock and vibration ratings, advanced sealing and high temperature ratings ideal for off highway, energy, rail and transportation industries.

Dynapar also offers customized solutions for passenger rail train motion feedback, wheel slip and traction motor control. Tell us your current part number and our engineers can help find a suitable replacement today. Request a crossover to your current part number here.

L+B Encoder Crossover Models

HSD44-large HSD44 Optical

The HSD44 offers reliable traction motor feedback in rail applications, phased-array optical sensing, IP67 sealing and 400G shock and 20G vibration resistance.

ST5 wheel and sensorST5 Wheel + Sensor

Customizable encoder offers reliable magnetic sensing with a non tooth pickup. A wide sensor air gap allows for forgiving installation and high shock and vibration resistance.


Heavy duty hollow-shaft encoder offers incremental feedback, 400G shock and 20G vibration resistance, IP67 sealing and a track record of success in harsh environments.

HSD44 Magnetic EncoderHSD44 Magnetic

Reliable magnetic version offers incremental feedback for traction motor control in passenger rail. The HSD44 magnetic is optimized for survival in harsh environments.

53Z Pickup Sensor53Z Sensor

Magnetic pickup sensor to be combined with a ferrous metal target or gear provides digital squarewave output. Reliable operation in wet, dirty and high temp environments.

Non Contact EncodersNon Contact Sensors

Compact alternative to proximity sensors offers incremental or absolute feedback. No shaft, couplings, bearings or seals to wear out means these encoders excel in dirty environments.