RIM M100 Encoder Tester

RIM M100 Digital Tachometer and Encoder Tester

 RIM M100 Encoder Tester
RIM Tach 1250

Quick Specs...

  • Performs up to 18 tests of signal output quality; simple one keystroke access to tests
  • Interfaces with most major brands of digital tachometers and
  • Fast encoder checkout with numeric value display

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Overview / Design Principle:

Utilizing 68HC11 microcomputer electronics, the M100 can accurately interpret the signal phase and duty cycle from the encoder in a variety of applications, including those of motor manufacturers and mill applications.

It can perform up to 18 distinctly different tests on encoders with the push of a single key. The results of each test is displayed on an LCD display in different numeric values. The tester will continually update the results, while retaining the minimum and maximum readings until larger values are received. This is helpful in identifying transient problems. The M100 can test all popular incremental encoder configurations. Nonvolatile memory retains all of the setup information through power downs. This eases operator work load when checking a repetitive number of identical encoders such as on a production line or in a mill environment.

Additional features of the M100 include an RPM count, total turns display, rolling pulse counter, and pulse per second (PPS). All can be used to identify and monitor motor speeds or determine pulse counts of encoders. Included with the M100 system is a standard RIM Tach® or SLIM Tach® digital tachometer connector hood. Simply snap the hood into place and the M100 is ready to begin testing. An internal compartment stores a 9V battery for operation where a 110VAC outlet is not convenient. The encoder tester is able to power the encoder as well as itself during parameter testing.

The M100 encoder tester can be easilly used by operators with little experience in encoder testing parameters.

Features and Benefits:

  • 68HC11 microcomputer controlled for accurate, intelligent operation
  • 110 VAC line or 9V battery powered
  • Accepts encoders ranging in resolutions from 1 to 8,192 pulses per revolution (PPR)


The NorthStar brand RIM Tach® M100 Encoder Tester is an easy to use instrument developed especially to evaluate the signal presence and
quality produced by a digital tachometer or encoder.

Controller: 68HC11 microcomputer
Frequency Response: 10Hz - 10kHz
Signal Input: 5-15 VDC digital line driver signal
Power: 110 VDC power pack or 9 VDC battery
Keyboard power on/off

Size: 7.50”(191mm) x 4.00”(102mm) x 3.00”(77mm)
Weight: 0.94 lbs. (0.43 kg)
Display: 4 line x 16 character LCD
Keyboard: 24 key membrane sealed, contamination resistant

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