CPL Flexible Shaft Couplings

CPL Flexible Shaft Couplings

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  • Maximum mechanical, thermal, and electrical protection for encoder shaft connections
  • Three-beam helical design restricts torque "windup"
  • Clamp attachment. No setscrews to score or pit shafts
  • Full range of models designed to match specific encoders are supplied with shaft size adapters

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Overview / Design Principle:

The method of coupling rotational input to an encoder is an important consideration.

Excessive shaft loading and poor environmental isolation are the leading causes of encoder failure and operational errors.

Even the most carefully designed machinery will produce shaft forces due to inherent thrusts, and eccentricities. Since encoder shafts and bearings must be engineered to have very restricted axial and radial play, using a Dynapar brand CPL Series coupling affords maximum protection against these common hazards.

A unique 3-beam design divides the coupling's helix into three segments. This feature maintains transfer accuracy by restricting windup during torque, yet retains full protective flexibility.

In addition to controlling mechanical shaft and bearing loads, the coupling further protects the encoder by providing a high degree of electrical and thermal isolation between coupled shafts. This is accomplished with a phenolic insulator-insert that blocks passage of potentially damaging heat, electrical currents and static charges.

Each CPL Series coupling is supplied with two insulator-inserts (three for metric models) that allow it to fit standard shaft diameters (see Models table, Secondary Bore).

Attachment at both ends is via integral 360° clamps that firmly grip the encoder shaft and input shaft, remaining slip-free to the rated torque of the coupling.

The Dynapar Advantage:

  • Innovative, high quality leading edge technology encoder products
  • Broad commercial - industrial grade product line
  • Fast 3 Day Delivery and customized built to order solutions available
  • Global Manufacturing & Service Support
  • Fast-Friendly Customer Service & Technical Support with Multi-Lingual Capabilities
  • Global Network of Authorized Resellers
  • Competitive Product Warranty:  2 Years  


CPL Series couplings are carefully matched to the requirements of our encoders and are an excellent, low cost way to protect your investment and avoid equipment downtime.

Standard Operating Characteristics
Predicted Life: Tested in accordance with MIL-HDBK-5A for infinite life.
Material: 2024-T3.5 QQA225/6 aluminum with MIL A8625 Type II black anodize.
Insert/Insulator: G10 glass filled phenolic. Sizes provided per Models table, Secondary Bore.
Clamps: Integral at each end, with black oxide finish hex socket cap screws. Grip is secure to peak torque rating of the coupling per Models table, Peak Torque.
Peak Torque: Per Models table, Peak Torque. Safety factor should be determined considering acceleration and deceleration loads, etc.



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