NSRT | Replacement Pulse Wheel For NorthStar RIM Tach RT8 and RT1 Encoders

Field replacement pulse wheels for Next Generation NorthStar RIM Tach RT8 and RT1 magnetic encoder families 

  • "Best in Class" durable replacement wheel options 
  • Non-marring clamping system
  • Eliminates shaft damage 
  • Easy configurations




Resolution (pulses per revolution) 60 to 2,400 PPR

Mechanical and Environmental

Radial Air Gap: 1200 PPR or lower: 0.075”, +0.015” / -0.070”
Above 1200 PPR: 0.050”, +0.015” / -0.040”
Bore Sizes:

5/8” to 2-7/8” (RIM Tach 8500/RT8)
5/8” to 2-7/8” (RIM Tach 1250/RT1)

Shaft Speed

7,000 RPM, max.

Operating Temperature: -40°C to 100°C

For additional information including exact wheel sizes, please see datasheet


The NorthStar NSRT replacement wheels provide field replaceable options for the Nex Gen NorthStar RIM Tach RT8 and RT1 magnetic encoder families. All wheels feature a non-marring clamping system for improve durability and easy field replacement.