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How to Navigate the PulseIQ™ Software Tool and Overview of Main Features 

This video provides an overview of the PulseIQ™ Software Tool. 

  • The device info tab includes model number, operating time, number of rotations, and encoder status.
  • The fault monitoring tab shows the status for temperature, overspeed, coupling slip, cable integrity, and more.
  • Event log tab of the last 128 specific fault conditions and recommended corrective actions.
  • Device configuration tab for programmable encoder output features such as resolution, phasing, and more. This applies to programmable models only.
  • Miscellaneous tab including options to reset to factory defaults or save/load preset configuration files.

For more details on installing the HS35iQ encoder please download the software manual here. The PulseIQ™ Software Tool can also be downloaded here.

Products Featured in this video:

HS35iQ Encoder with PulseIQ™ Technology

  • Revolutionary visual fault forewarning for encoder health, signal quality, low voltage, over temperature, cable integrity, shaft slip, and overspeed conditions
  • Fault notification output to control system available
  • Advanced diagnostics via PulseIQ™ encoder software tool
  • Optional programmable encoder output, including resolution up to 20,000 PPR

    Learn more here