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How to Program Encoder Output on the HS35iQ Encoder

This video tutorial shows how to program the HS35iQ encoder to show encoder output using Dynapar's PulseIQ software.The HS35iQ allows users the option to change the PPR, phasing, polarity, gating, and the Z-index position of the encoder. These capabilities gives the flexibility of stocking a single encoder for a variety of applications. This helps reduce downtime and keep inventory low.

Products Featured in this video:

HS35iQ Encoder with PulseIQ™ Technology

  • Revolutionary visual fault forewarning for encoder health, signal quality, low voltage, over temperature, cable integrity, shaft slip, and overspeed conditions
  • Fault notification output to control system available
  • Advanced diagnostics via PulseIQ™ encoder software tool
  • Optional programmable encoder output, including resolution up to 20,000 PPR

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