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Electronic Fault Detection Capabilities of the HS35iQ Encoder

The electronic fault detection features of the HS35iQ encoder help simplify the troubleshooting process by providing a visual indication of an encoder error. The 4 events which can trip the electronic fault LED of the HS35iQ encoder include fatal encoder errors, low input voltage errors, fault monitoring errors, and the position sensor health warning. In addition to the LED, located on the housing of the encoder, a fault output signal is also sent from the encoder’s primary and diagnostic connector to whatever monitoring device you have the encoder wired to. 

For more details on installing the HS35iQ encoder, please download the software manual here. The PulseIQ™ Software Tool can also be downloaded here.

Products Featured in this video:

HS35iQ Encoder with PulseIQ™ Technology

  • Revolutionary visual fault forewarning for encoder health, signal quality, low voltage, over temperature, cable integrity, shaft slip, and overspeed conditions
  • Fault notification output to control system available
  • Advanced diagnostics via PulseIQ™ encoder software tool
  • Optional programmable encoder output, including resolution up to 20,000 PPR

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