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NorthStar Encoders - Common Start-Up Problems To Avoid

Here is a list of the most common startup problems and potential solutions. Always consult the installation manual for detailed descriptions.

No output

Check to see if the unit is powered. Make sure the sensor is not cracked. Check the alignment of the wheel. Check for shorts between power and ground. Make sure the right wheel is with the right sensor.

Signal is noisy

Make sure that the shield wire pin 10 is hooked to the shield on the drive. Grounding pin 10 sometimes helps in signal the clarity. Check the alignment of the wheel.

The encoder has intermittent failure

Check the alignment of the wheel. Make sure the shaft is not moving axially on the motor. Check to see if the encoder ambient temperature is above 80° C.

The wheel broke loose on the shaft

Drill or punch holes where the set screws meet the shaft. A high slew rate wheel may be better for your application.

No Z signal on a SLIM-tach product

If the gap between the wheel and the SLIM-tach frame near the sensor is greater than .006, the sensor will not be able to pick up the Z pulse. Check C- Face concentricity.

Chipped wheels or cracked sensors

Do not drop the sensors or the pulse wheels. All threaded rod should be used as a guide when taking off the encoder housing on the 8500. Make sure that the sensor modules are removed when the housing is removed or put on the motor.