RIM SSW | Encoder Signal Switcher

  • Accepts A, B, and Z inputs from two separate encoders
  • Eliminates the need for two input devices
  • Status indicators for normal operation and encoder selection
  • Thermal, under voltage, reverse polarity, and overload protection
  • Input voltage range from 4 to 26 VDC
  • Provides redundancy and backup




Standard Operating Characteristics

Input Signal: 2 or 3 channel quadrature signal,sine or square wave, open collector, differential, or single ended line driver
Input Signal Voltage: 4 - 26 VDC
Input Signal Current: 2.2 mA minimum, 3.5 mA, typical
Error Output Signal: Sinking normally open, closes on error. 5V, 20 mA maximum load
Supply Voltage: 5 - 26 VDC

Environmental & Mounting

Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
Mounting Options: DIN 35 or 32
Enclosure Material: PVC


The Signal Switcher enables the use of one drive with two separate encoders, switching between encoder inputs as needed.

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